Mobile Ad- hoc Networking

C3IA Solutions are proud to be the principal UK reseller of Silvus Technologies Inc StreamCaster Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) radios.

StreamCaster radios can deliver a range of mobile deployable IP networking solutions, using Mobile Networked Multiple In/Multiple Out (MN-MIMO) to deliver unprecedented data throughput with unmatched ease of use. MN-MIMO empowered data links succeed where traditional radios fail.

Silvus StreamCaster radios feature the industry’s most advanced MIMO technology, including Transmit Beamforming for improved range and Receive Beamforming for enhanced reception. Using automatic link adaption to continually optimise connectivity, the radios maximise data throughput even in the most congested or electronically cluttered RF environments.

Using state of the art, high capacity Silvus radios will allow the connection of Internet Protocol devices such as computers, tablets, cameras, screens, scopes and monitors to a local area network that is self-forming and self-healing. This can be enhanced by fast and simple rearward connectivity across the internet or any other means.

Silvus StreamCaster radios are smaller and more powerful than many comparable radio systems and deliver mesh networking solutions for the Commercial, Public Safety and Military markets.

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