Systems engineering

Systems Engineering, particularly when applied to the procurement and support of Information Communication Technology and Services, lies at the very heart of the C3IA offering whether delivering architectural, engineering or service delivery support to clients in the Ministry of Defence, wider Government or the private sector.

Our approach has been successfully used in a variety of client situations ranging from the development of concepts, elicitation and development of user requirements, measures of effectiveness, alternative capability assessments and capability design through to engineering analysis, technology management, balance of investment cases, through life capability management, dependency management, trials management and technical project management.

We apply a multi and inter-disciplinary methodology that is focused on understanding and defining the customer needs, the required functionality and the outcomes the customer wishes to achieve.  The Systems Engineering V-Model is tailored appropriately for use, applied in both an iterative and recursive manner to support agile, evolutionary and spiral developments, and integrated with P3M and ITSM frameworks as necessary.

Our engineers have the flexibility to tailor the Systems Engineering methodologies to the Programme or Project that they are working on or supporting. This approach enables our Engineers to manage the complexity and technical risk across some highly ambitious and multifaceted programmes delivering systems, applications and services.

Our systems engineers are highly qualified engineering professionals with extensive experience in engineering, operational and project environments.  Our Engineering Manager and Security Director are our Chief Engineers with more than 20 years relevant experience each and both chartered professionals.  All of our engineers are either chartered professionals or progressing towards chartered status through a continuous professional development pathway.