Risk Consultancy

C3IA was one of the first companies in the UK to achieve Certified Cyber Security Consultancy status awarded by GCHQ and more recently by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Our specialists have undergone rigorous certification and independent assessments to become some of the very best cyber and information security professionals.

C3IA is a Certification Body for the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme. We work with the IASME consortium to deliver this service and also certify organisations to the IASME Governance Standard.

Information assurance

Protection of the integrity, availability, authenticity, non-repudiation and confidentiality of your data is critical to successful and compliant business operations. We advise and apply physical, technical and administrative controls to accomplish these tasks. Our consultants will look holistically across your business, including digital, analogue or physical form to determine the totality of risks and threats to your critical assets.

Corporate governance

Effective risk management will give comfort to your shareholders, customers, employees and society at large because they will know that your organisation is being effectively managed and will confirm your compliance with corporate governance requirements. Risk management is relevant to all organisations large or small.

Risk management methods

Our consultants are experienced in using a range of risk management methods including OCTAVE Allegro, COBIT 5, ISF IRAM, NIST, ISO 27005 and the Cyber Essentials Scheme so that they can identify the most appropriate and cost-effective approach to deliver the security outcomes your organisation needs.

Risk assessment

We take a comprehensive but pragmatic approach to addressing your cyber-security concerns enabling you to ‘identify, protect, detect, respond and recover’ from cyber-attacks or accidental damage.
Our approach ensures that information risk is assessed from your organisation’s perspective so that we deliver a risk profile that reflects a view of information risk in business terms.

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Business impact analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) predicts the consequences of disruption and gathers information needed to develop recovery strategies. Our consultants are formally trained in the International Standard 22301 Business Continuity Management and are skilled in helping you identify realistic and credible potential loss scenarios. By identifying and evaluating the impact of disasters we help you select the right recovery strategies and inform your investment in prevention and mitigation strategies.

Risk treatment security controls

Security controls should be selected based on real risks to an organisation’s assets and operations. The alternative – selecting controls without a methodical analysis of threats and controls – is likely to result in implementation of security controls in the wrong places, wasting resources and leaving an organisation vulnerable to unanticipated threats.

Our consultants have many years of experience working with clients that process the very highest levels of sensitive or classified data across HMG departments and the commercial sector. This experience and knowledge ensures that selected controls are proportionate and cost-effective and will mitigate your risks in a manner that is appropriate to your business objectives.

Information Security Management System

Organisations realise that the risk to their information is the fastest growing business issue.

Intellectual property and other sensitive or business critical information are the life blood of companies and with an ever-increasing number of security breaches being reported, companies need to protect themselves and their customers.

Development and maintenance of an ISMS delivers a systematic approach to managing an organisation’s confidential or sensitive information. The design and implementation of an ISMS is influenced by business and security objectives, security risks and control requirements, the processes employed and the size and structure of the organisation. It should help reduce and treat risks to your information assets but also provide the ability to respond quickly to any breach. The adoption of a recognised ISMS is increasingly a requirement of supply chain assurance from customers and the government.

Our consultants are trained as Lead Implementers in the latest ISMS standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This knowledge, combined with their years of experience, ensures that your organisation is provided with a tailored ISMS implementation that provides continuous monitoring. Constant vigilance is now a business necessity and a culture of security is vital for organisations to survive in the modern world.