Security Management

Achieving an information security standard, certification or carrying out a one-off security assessment will be limited in its effectiveness unless effort is sustained throughout the organisation over time.

We offer bespoke Security Management Partnerships that will ensure your information security investments are leveraged to maintain ongoing resilience. Our partnerships will be tailored exactly to the organisation providing periodic checks and touch-points to keep your information security focused and effective.

IT Service Management

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We also offer a number of additional services that organisations may not wish to implement themselves:

IT Security Management

Secure Business data storage

Secure off-site storage of business critical data to ensure that in the event of a loss of company ICT through catastrophic failure critical business data can be recovered to the required Recovery Point Objective (RPO) within the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to ensure the business continues to deliver.

Secure Data Hosting

C3IA offers a secure cloud data hosting solution that complies with HMG security standards.  Data is hosted in a physically secure environment within the UK and is managed by HMG UK security cleared personnel.

Secure Operations Centre (SOC)

C3IA has the ability to monitor your business network, ensuring that it operates at the optimum capacity with regular checks for the intrusion of Malicious Software (Malware) and Viruses. In the event of an incident or intrusion of the network being detected you will be advised immediately with the specialists available for issue resolution and remediation.

Secure Hardware Disposal

C3IA can ensure businesses that their data has been securely removed from ICT hardware prior to disposal. C3IA has HMG accredited hardware degaussing software that will overwrite hard drives and media to ensure that data cannot be recovered after disposal.

IT Security