Who We Are

The C3IA team is a diverse group of professionals with a range of specialist expertise.  Most of us had a first career in the Armed Services, some the Civil Service and a few in the private sector, but all have a strong ethos of public service and upholding high standards.

Our Purpose – We want to do the right thing and have a positive impact in so doing.  Our business function is to serve and to deliver, making a difference to and for our clients.  We want to actively contribute to making the world around us a better and safer place for good people and we want to impede and if necessary prevent those who would harm them and that world.

Business – Of course, we are in business, we need to work and to generate income, but we won’t compromise on our purpose, ethos and values.  We are proud of our reputation, but we are equally proud of how we achieved it.

Our Client Commitment – We won’t over-commit.  We won’t win work by promising the A Team and then deliver it with a B Team.  We will work in an open, honest, transparent and collaborative manner.  We will work tirelessly to deliver quality and service that meets our clients’ wants and needs.

Our Team Commitment – If our teams conduct themselves in line with our company ethos and values, deliver consultancy and services for the right reasons and in the right and proper way, we will support any decision they make and action they take.

Our Certainty – Knowing what we can’t and therefore don’t do, is as important to us as being certain in what we can and do.  We only take on what we know we can deliver.

Our Cooperative – Life is about looking after each other and this is as true in business as anywhere.  We have a loose Small/Medium Enterprise cooperative and we always bear them, their teams, their services and their capabilities in mind when we go into discussions, in case we can help them out or they can help us better support our clients.