C3IA Solutions Limited was incorporated on 17th March 2006 and for day-to-day business is known simply as C3IA. We started small and by the end of 2007 had 4 permanent employees and a small number of Associates working across 5 contracts. Our growth has been steady and consistent and we are proud of what, where and how we have achieved. By the end of 2017, our active team strength totalled 76 people across 46 contracts and we have been able to develop our solutions, capability and service offering through investment in and empowerment of our people.

The founding Directors initially presented C3IA with a profile of ‘Management, Communications and Information Assurance’. This has matured over time to become ‘Security and Technical Services’ which encompass Threat & Risk Management, Capability Delivery, Programme & Project Management and CIS Engineering. This enables us to offer a holistic approach to Threat & Risk Management; Strategy & Transformation; Project, Programme & Portfolio Management; Systems Engineering and the delivery of solutions including Managed Service Solutions and Mobile Ad-hoc Networking solutions.

As hard as we try, we know we can’t get everything right, every time and we’ve made a few mistakes along the way. However, our approach is that we don’t just glibly accept this, we make it our business to learn from our experiences. Continuous improvement isn’t just a hackneyed phrase to us, it’s a business activity. There is no room in the team for over-sensitivity to feedback or abrogation of responsibility as this inhibits openness and free expression; we believe every team member has a valuable contribution to make and so we encourage active input into all areas of the business.

As a company we have consciously taken steady and progressive steps towards expansion and we’re excited about what that means. Some of our greatest challenges are around growth and success and that isn’t a bad place to be. Nor does it scare us.

We don’t blow our own trumpet as we believe our record and feedback from clients speak for themselves, but, we do believe it’s important that you know we actually have a trumpet. If you want to know how good we are, ask us and we’ll put you in touch with a client who will tell you.